Hi, I am Rhonda!

The body you’re living in is the only body you’ll ever have in this life.
Isn’t it time you got to know each other?

Who I am What I do

Does this sound familiar?

You know how you keep trying to get into better shape but you’re just not seeing the results for all the effort?  Or maybe you’re eating low fat, but still not shedding the extra pounds?  How about that dessert you absolutely have to have to “end a nice meal”?  And what about those nagging sports injuries that happen a little too often and get in the way of your commitment and progress?  Or that heart-burn medication you can’t go without?

Your body is speaking volumes to you and your quality of life is suffering because you’re unable to decode the message.

What if

You could actually stop yourself from eating when you’re full?

You could resist going back to the dessert table (again and again)?

You could stop trying to get yourself through the day by snacking on carbs and sweets?

You could skip the prime-time binge on things like chips, nuts, cookies or ice cream before bed?

You could reduce your allergies and intolerances

You could once again fit into your favourite outfit?

You could strut your stuff on the beach with confidence?

You could live pain-free at rest and at play

You could increase your energy levels and live every day to the fullest?

Sounds like crazy-talk, right?

Well, thanks to the thousands of confusing – and often conflicting – diet trends, nutrition claims and sneaky packaging labels designed to play on your desperation to change your predicament, you’ve been making the best choices you can for you and your family without knowing what’s truly in the food you’re eating and how it’s been sabotaging your every effort to break free.  Yikes!

Wake-Up Call : Double Whammy

The food you’re eating likely isn’t as healthy as you think it is.  You’re probably reading labels in an effort to make better choices, but do you know what to look for?  Do you know how the ingredients on the label are directing your DNA, moment to moment?  I bet you aren’t aware that it’s true and actually matters?   In all probability, over 80% of the food & food products in your kitchen right now are not making you healthier.  In fact, they are designed to keep you craving, leave you unfulfilled and absolutely dependent, week after week in the grocery aisles.

Knowing yourself is more than half the battle!  Until you know how your body is either working with or against the food you’re feeding yourself, you will continue to struggle with your weight, your sleep, your stress, your injuries and try to manage the symptoms with pills or prescriptions, while never really solving the problems that got you here in the first place.  You need to become your own scientific Experiment of One.

There are no shortcuts. But there are answers. And powerful, long-lasting transformation within.

I have been living the Paleo Lifestyle for over 6 years, motivating people just like you to go back to our roots, learn about whole food nutrition and understand that our fate is not in the hands of Canada’s antiquated Food Guide or the Advertising Powers that Be – but in our OWN hands. As a Primal Nutrition Educator and Coach and full-time Real Food Warrior, I help you cut through the noise and zero-in on what’s really important to YOUR UNIQUE health situation, while uncovering the hidden pitfalls in your diet and lifestyle choices which have been sabotaging your efforts all along!