Rhonda butler in front of a mirror

5 Paleo-Approved Steps to Bring Sexy Back

So a few weeks ago, I got out of bed wearing nothing but my skin, caught my reflection in a full-length mirror on the way to the bathroom and heard that sound a screeching record makes before the whole room goes silent.  I took a couple steps back, took another look and thought “Whoa whoa whoa, what the heck is this?!  Is this what my thighs look like now?!?”

Yup – welcome to the Post-Hybernation Effect:  that moment when after a particularly cruel Canadian winter, you experience a mix of horror, disbelief and panic as you realize that spring is just around the corner and you’ll be in shorts soon – and somehow all along, you never noticed it had gotten this bad.

If you’re anything like me and suffer greatly during these long, cold, dark, soul-crushing, vitamin D deficient months from something called S.A.D. (or Seasonal Affective Disorder), this reality-check can be a hard one to see coming.  For me, the winter blues sap my energy, cause physical pain in my skin and joints, exhaust me and kill my mojo (and usually my will to LIVE), which leaves me to feel deflated and powerless.  So, eating a few more comfort foods, warming up with a few cocktails, skipping a workout more often than not or “allowing” guilty pleasures to become more of the norm rather than a treat, is all too easy – because we’re seeking comfort and relief.

But guess what?  NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW – Spring is FINALLY (sort-of) HERE!

And I’m bringing sexy back

After not much thought AT ALL (thanks to the return of my will to live & my typical

Everest-level amount of mojo) I quickly devised my plan to reclaim my health and fitness with these 5 simple Paleo-Approved steps incorporating mind, body & soul!

  1. Meditate just 15 minutes a day (essential in focusing the mind and tapping into my personal power)
  2. Move my body every day (walk, climb, stretch, lift, sprint – be active in simple, functional ways!)
  3. Return to my roots (back to my strict Paleo diet which FEEDS the MACHINE)
  4. Try a new weekly fitness class (enjoying moving my body in a different way = feeling ALIVE)
  5. Practice some daily Body Love (my body is a miracle and works really hard for me every day – I am grateful for its power and grace)


Remember that the most important thing about falling off the wagon is that you are 100% capable of getting back on it again.  The end result of living awesome every day will always be worth your commitment and effort.

So go easy on yourself… we are spiritual beings having a human experience – ups and downs are simply part of the wagon ride.  Just hold steady and you’ll always find your way home.

If you would like to bring your own sexy back with a vengeance, contact me for help with these 5 Paleo-Approved steps!