Meet Rhonda

My name is Rhonda & I am a self-professed, health-obsessed Food Science Nerd & Real Food Warrior.  I LOVE to eat & believe that food is to be CELEBRATED not feared!  I help you understand what it takes to become the master of your diet and lifestyle, so you need never fear the buffet line, doctor’s office or beach vacation again!

I am a Certified Primal Health Coach & Nutrition Educator, Motivational Speaker, impassioned advocate of the Real Food Movement & member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)

I don’t know many people throughout the course of my life who haven’t struggled to lose weight, build muscle, stick to a diet, get that beach body, kick a habit to the curb or give up their favourite junk food, then fail miserably and not hate themselves for it.

Good News & Bad News

Including me.

Here’s the good news:  you’re not to blame.  And neither was I.

Here’s the bad news:  you’re likely doomed to repeat it.

Wait, what?!

My Journey


The Uniqueness of Your Body


My body was Screaming For help


Paleo Diet: Super Hero


Alive Again

The Uniqueness of Your Body

It’s simple in its complexity:  understanding YOUR body’s own unique relationship to food is the KEY to creating the bestest, smartest, strongest, most energized GORGEOUS version of you!  NOT by buying into the misleading hyped-up soundbites, you hear in the media from the big players in the food industry lacing their “food products” with addictive substances!  Why?  Because we are each as unique as fingerprints – and no one diet fits all, sorry.  The only way to TRULY transform your health – whether your goal is to LGN (Look Good Naked) or get off your medication – is to understand that food isn’t just sustenance.  It’s science.

And that’s what I didn’t know during all my years of dieting, craving, binging, yo-yoing, pill-popping, diet shake blending and pounding the treadmill to no end.

Until I came face-to-face with my own body’s rebellion… and it wasn’t pretty!

My body was Screaming For help

I was at the ugly, bitter, disappointing end of a troubled 6-year relationship and every aspect of my life that makes up a life had burned-up and turned to ashes:  I had lost my job, my income, my partner, my home, my pet-family, my independence and all my hope and dignity at once.

In exchange, I had gained mountains of debt, an addiction to sugar and fast food, mounting depression and despair, aches and pains and 42 glorious pounds!  I was a metabolic mess.

During those years my health deteriorated, fast.  Experiencing short-term memory loss, debilitating joint pain, menorrhagia, depression, lethargy, my hair was thinning, massive bloating and digestive issues and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) became my new normal.  Until finally, all Hell broke loose, and I couldn’t even digest a boiled egg or a piece of toast or my beloved cappuccino?!

My body was SCREAMING for help.  And that help came in the form of the Paleo diet.

Paleo Diet: Super Hero

How did going Paleo save me from myself?  By then, my body was riddled with chronic inflammation – the route-cause of most diseases known to man – and my processed carb-loaded, trans fat, sugar-laden diet was a major factor in addition to the chronic emotional and mental stress my body was trying to manage.  The Paleo diet brought me back to nature and healing power of real, whole foods – nutrient-dense and satiating – and in a short amount of time my body began to heal!  Just 9 months later, I had effortlessly lost the 42 pounds and then some, healed my gut and my issues, turned my face toward the sun and began, day by day, to heal my heart and live again.

My Journey : the Warrior Emerges

Alive Again

My journey back to health taught me a NEW definition of health. One based on quality protein and eggs, healthy saturated fats, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds – and completely FREE of inflammation-causing, habit-forming processed carbs and refined sugars, fast food and convenience-packaged meals.  I learned there is no better medicine than time and Mother Nature’s loving bounty.

My Warrior Mission

Six years after facing my own health crisis, I now help people understand their body’s unique relationship to the food they’re eating and the consequences of their lifestyle habits so that they can, for THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES, be in control to make the changes that will truly transform their quality of life (and help them LGN!)

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