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The Potential of Your Workforce

For over 20 years I worked in the corporate sector, much of my career as an in-house Corporate Trainer.  I loved the privilege I had in this role to get to know practically every team member in every department across the organizationI made it my business to speak to everyone from the CEO to the cleaning crew so that I could get a feel for the satisfaction, engagement, morale, as well as th performance and perceived recognition and opportunity  – in other words, the health of the corporate population.

I had eyes everywhere.  And what I saw was scary.

The problem wasn’t necessarily the work environment or the job.  But rather the daily cumulative stresses experienced in their personal lives, which translated to absenteeism, lack of enthusiasm, lack of creative expression, sense of overwhelm, missed deadlines or constantly playing catch-up – which often became negativity toward their work and the establishment.

In other words, it came down to the health of the individual.

Did you know…

Stress-related absences

cost Canadian employers about $3.5 billion each year?
(Workplace Safety & Prevention Services)


61% of employees are burned out on the job?

The top 5 stress symptoms

causing missed work days are constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety (23%) and weight gain (18%).

6 in 10 Canadians

believe “their employer has some responsibility in ensuring their good health”.
(Buffett National Wellness Survey)

61% of employees agree

that they’ve made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program.

Of employers offering wellness programs,

67% reported increased employee satisfaction, 66% reported increased productivity, 63% reported increased financial sustainability and growth, and 50% reported decreased absenteeism.


of organizations want to create a culture that promotes health and wellness.


of organizations are currently offering wellness programs. (SHRM)

How about yours?

Small yet significant changes

There is no doubt that lifestyle choices and health issues experienced by employees can negatively impact their performance, keep them from feeling their best and rob them of living up to their potential – both in their work lives and private lives.  People often feel powerless in knowing, or even feeling capable, of making small yet significant changes to eating, exercise and stress-management habits that make HUGE differences in their quality of life AND their attitude toward their jobs.

Today’s Challenges

Nowadays, getting adequate medical attention as well as nutritional and behavioural support are more challenging than ever. To complicate matters, conflicting information and the latest “quick fixes” are splashed across magazine covers,  picked up in soundbites or delivered to their inboxes.  As a result, we just don’t know where to turn, who to trust or what to do.  They need a voice of reason, regular guidance and motivation to keep going, and solid information they can apply on a steady basis to work toward improved health – and achieve it – without the struggle!

I am that voice of reason.

As a Certified Primal Health Coach, Motivational Speaker and Real Food Warrior

I am on a mission to empower as many people as I can to take back control of their health and well-being by returning to the whole, unprocessed, naturally anti-inflammatory nutrition our bodies evolved to thrive on. Understanding our body’s own unique relationship to food and learning what will make us healthier instead of sicker is the KEY to THRIVING – instead of simply surviving.

And it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. My down-to-earth, get-honest-with-yourself coaching style allows each person to see both the humour and humility in their experience – which makes it a FUN process they’ll enjoy – imagine that! I have loads of food makeovers, lifestyle tweaks and implementation tips to share which will empower your team members to reclaim their joy and build the life and career they WANT to show up in, FULLY!

Your employees will come away with a deeper understanding of the potential factors impacting their health and nutrition and how to apply these insights to their own unique situation and lifestyle; a sense of empowerment to transform their lives and new-found energy to take their careers and ambitions to a new level. Providing the much needed clarity and A-ha! moment needed to break-free from the foods and habits holding them hostage at work and at play!

THRIVE: How to Beat What’s Beating You

In this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the root-cause of illness and disease:

    What You Don’t Know is Hurting You.

  • Learn how your diet is truly affecting your health:

    Exposing the Myth of Conventional Diet Wisdom

  • Discover the necessity of starting a clean slate:

    The Road to Redemption is Rooted in Detox!

  • Take steps to begin a lasting transformation:

    Welcome to The New You!

  • Corporate interactive workshop
    Duration 3 hours

Make it stick!  Post-workshop weekly lunch ‘n learn group coaching sessions is highly recommended to establish long-term benefits and can be customized to suit your organization.