Hidden Hazards Scorecard

Do YOU know what’s hiding in YOUR food?

There are tons of nasty ingredients masquerading as food in the products we buy every week and most of us are unaware of it (or turn a blind eye to it!) because they’re either convenient or irresistible.  These Frankenfoods make their way onto our plates and into our bodies, silently wreaking havoc on our health and potentially setting us up for a life of disease.  Do YOU know what’s hiding in YOUR food? 

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Using this scorecard

Using this scorecard, select 15 products from your fridge or freezer and 15 canned, bottled or packaged products in your cupboards.  Compare the nutrition labels against the ingredients you see below, placing a checkmark beside the ingredient for each time you find it on a label. Enter the total number of items containing these ingredients in each category.  Then go to page 2 to find out whether you’re on the road to Well or Hell!