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Coaching with Rhonda!

I have spoken to hundreds of people about the foods they eat, how well they sleep, what they do to handle stress, how often they get active, what they dream of and what they want for their future.  And I’ve noticed a pattern emerge among the majority, time and time again:

Most people DO want to be healthier

Yet are ineffective at actually getting themselves there

What’s getting in the way?  Most often, it’s a combination of having the wrong information along with self-imposed limitations or beliefs about their ability to make and sustain the changes necessary to go from “feeling ok” to ROCKING their day – every day

No shortcuts

The reality is, no one can do this for you, it can’t be done half-way, there are no shortcuts.

But there are answers. And powerful, long-lasting transformation within.

And I’m going to help you

During our 12-week journey together, you will build your relationship with your body so that you can become your own Scientific Experiment of One and learn:

  • How the road to disease and illness are paved with good intentions

  • How the foods you’re eating are actually impacting your health

  • Eat in a way that optimizes gene expression, boosts energy and gets faster results

  • Overcome or banish your long-held food cravings and addictions

  • Reduce your prescription medication

  • Bring balance and peace back into your life

  • Make health and wellness a top priority

  • Absolutely love your new life!

That’s right – I’m talking about getting into the real guts of the matter!  YOUR particular guts, in fact – which is where it all begins.  So, get ready to build a deep connection and new loving relationship with your body and discover just what you need to STOP doing and instead START doing, to get you to where you want to be!

Rhonda’s forward-looking approach gave me new tools and new perspectives that are helping me move forward in the direction I want to be heading.

Tarek RimanFounder of Cap.TaiM Marketing Inc. & Montreal TipsMontreal Tips

Rhonda is amazing; she is very knowledgeable, encouraging and informative.

Melissa DawnFounder of CEO of Your Life.CEO of Your Life

Kick-Start Program!

Have you been trying to get into better shape but don’t know what you’ve been doing wrong?  You’ve tried the point diets, the shake diets, the herbal detoxes and the diets that restrict all kinds of “normal” foods.  You’ve probably made a real effort at putting more time in at the gym doing crazy cardio to burn that fat  – but instead of losing the weight and feeling fabulous, you’re left feeling HANGRY and craving, weak and feeling run-down.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and ready to experience REAL lasting change, then the Kick-Start Program is for you!

In this VIP day, you get exclusive access and my undivided attention as we overhaul your kitchen and set you up for a true transformation!

The Kick-Start Program includes:

  • Kitchen Pantry, Fridge & Freezer Overhaul

    Experience the “Ah-Ha!” moment when you realize which foods have been sabotaging your efforts all along!  And TOSS ’em!

  • Grocery Store Showdown

    Learn the mindset, strategies & secrets to reading labels and choosing the best foods for your unique needs!

  • Cooking Party!

    In this 3-hour meal prep, you’ll learn to plan & create delicious meals with efficiency and flair!

  • Individual Coaching

    4 follow-up coaching sessions to help you build on your progress and master your new way of life!

  • The Game-Changer

    Your copy of  “It Starts With Food”.  The ONLY book you need to read to understand your body’s relationship to food and your health!